Graduate student of Yoga Studies, LMU CA.

200hr AYT-certified Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training, Bahamas. 

100hr Yoga, Mindfulness & Social Change certificate, LMU CA. 

50hr Ayurveda Course: Food as Medicine, Sivananda, Grass Valley CA.

50hr 11th Step Yoga for Trauma and Recovery Program, LMU CA.

14hr Prison Yoga Project certification with James Fox, San Diego CA.

14hr Mindful Resilience Training with Veterans Yoga Project & Dr. Dan Libby, Venice CA.

14hr The Power of Breath in Clinical Practice & Mass Disaster Conference, Semel Institute, UCLA. 

12hr Teen Yoga Instil Conference: Yoga, Education & Wellbeing, London. 

12hr Confer conference: Yoga: A Key to Mental Health?, London. 

30hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Norman Blair, Yoga Campus, London. 


Trauma-sensitive yoga for war veterans at Operation Mend, Semel Institute, UCLA. 

15 week course: Introduction to Yoga - university-credited course aimed at reducing stress in the undergraduate community, Loyola Marymount University CA. 

12 week course: Deepening Your Practice: Introduction to Yoga Concepts & Philosophy, Battersea Yoga, London.

All Level Yoga at Live Yoga Wellness, Westchester CA.

Community Class at Venice Family Clinic, Santa Monica CA.

Hatha Teacher, The Well Garden, London. 

Restorative Assistant to Sarah Scharf, London.


Mondays 12.30 - 12.45pm: Yin Yoga, Battersea Yoga, London. 

Saturdays 9.30 - 10.45am: Beginners' Hatha Yoga, Battersea Yoga, London. 

Saturdays 12.30 - 1.45pm: Restorative Yoga, Battersea Yoga, London. 

I host This Yogi Life - a podcast discussion on the intersection of yoga with contemporary life. 


6-wk Group Classes: Managing Stress & Anxiety: Sat 11am / Starts 12th Jan

8-wk Group classes, Introduction to Yoga Concepts & Philosophy: Sat 11am / Starts 9th March 

Deep dive winter restorative workshop for tired minds and bodies: Feb 2nd

I'm working on it, but there'll be a book.