Private yoga coaching, south London

I work privately with clients to bring yoga practices into their lives that reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm & increase balance, peace and ease.

Private yoga coaching is a beautiful way to nourish mind and body, build confidence and invite clarity and purpose into your life, all while receiving guidance as you deepen your practice. I’m passionate about bringing yoga to life in a way that is modern, relevant and replicable, and love to share my knowledge of the mind-body connection as well as the philosophy and culture of the tradition.

© Emma Myrtle

© Emma Myrtle

I create tailor-made courses that include breathing exercises, yoga and meditation specific to my clients' needs and work on a one-to-one basis so I can be available for questions, adjustments and support. As a former chef, I also draw on my love of food and Ayurvedic principles to assist you in making healthy lifestyle changes that work in alignment with your body type.

The sensitivities of the soul and our ever-changing needs are always in dynamic interplay with the world. Sometimes we need practices that stoke the fire, make us sweat and clear away the cobwebs. At others, we need to rest, digest and turn inward as we soothe the nervous system. The body is a natural medicine cabinet and the more we practice tuning in and listening to our needs, the better able we are to discern how to treat ourselves.

My aim is to make it easy for the magic of yoga to positively impact your life and to nurture practices that grow self love and self compassion. Through private yoga coaching you’ll learn essential tools for self care and come to a greater understanding of your physical, mental and emotional life.


I work with people who are committed to growing and investing in themselves. My clients are professionals or retired professionals who wish to dramatically increase their mental and emotional wellbeing by making lifestyle changes, implementing daily practices and expanding their understanding of their own health and wholeness. As a yoga entrepreneur, I particularly love to support social innovators, creatives, the self-employed and purpose-driven business owners. Most of the people I work with are familiar with yoga and/or therapy and are curious about returning to their bodies and opening to larger philosophical and spiritual questions that their everyday lives don’t grant them.

My clients are people who want to reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm while seeking ways to live more wholeheartedly. They are people who wish to create a daily practice so they can live with more ease and give more to their work and relationships. They are individuals who wish to return to the inner voice that guides them and to deepen their self enquiry with compassionate support.

Choose from 3 class options:

Much like private therapy, personal yoga coaching requires commitment and consistency in order for the benefits to be integrated into your life.

For that reason I ask for a minimum commitment of 12 weeks to ensure you get the most from your practice, with the option of using those 12 sessions 1-3 times per week, depending on availability. I also work with clients for periods of up to 12 months and beyond which is where we see the most dynamic and transformative results.

1) in person

Suitable for those who appreciate one-to-one guidance and hands-on assists.

Sign up to a block booking of classes and enjoy a personalised practice and between-class support including fortnightly email links to articles, resources, recipes and practice tips. The course will be specially tailored to suit your needs. A perfect way to build strength and confidence and to experience the cumulative, transformational benefits of a regular yoga practice

2) in the office

Yoga in the workplace for up to 25 people and specially-tailored to suit the office body.

An amazing way to relieve stress and tension, invigorate the mind, enhance performance and build staff morale.

60 mins £12/head || 75 mins £15/head

Minimum 8 students.

3) online

Suitable for those with a busy schedule, who are unable to travel and/or who wish to receive support throughout the month without leaving home.

60 mins online practice session once a week (via Skype or Zoom), including fortnightly email links to articles, resources, recipes and practice tips. These sessions will focus on breathing practices, meditation and relaxation, with an opportunity to create discussion and feedback on your home practice. 

60 mins online weekly/twice-weekly session.


“I’ve seen a huge improvement in my stress management and general wellbeing. Ellie has been super cool.” - Ant 

“I felt very calm and centred after a private yoga class with Ellie. I’m normally so stressed and anxious that it was actually a little disconcerting! That memory of deep relaxation has however left a trace in my body that I continue to find helpful and important. Ellie is a warm and generous teacher, who is also able to talk intelligently about what she does: helping me for example to understand my psychological resistance to a newfound state of body/mind. Thanks Ellie.” - Tom

“Ellie Grace has been helping me over 3 weeks post surgery, firstly through meditation to enhance recovery and rest and secondly has focused on healing using restorative, yin and hatha yoga to enable movement in a mindful way. Ellie was able to help me relax through discomfort and then introduced gentle movements, which speeded up the healing process. She is empathetic, patient, knowledgable and has the most calming manner. After my surgery she was able to deliver meditation and movement to compliment post surgical care and recovery. Not only did it help with the physical aspect of my recovery, but also aided my mental well-being by increasing my confidence in understanding my body and the healing process.” - Julie


what’s next?

Let’s arrange a call to work out if we’re the right fit. We’ll work together to identify your needs and should we go ahead, we’ll create a practice that strengthens and emboldens you from the inside out, drawing from physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation practices. 

Book a complimentary 20 minute Skype call to see how we might work together:



Click the button above to arrange a consultation call so we can discuss your availability and needs. Then we can determine if we’re a good fit and take it from there.


At the least you’ll need a yoga mat but two blocks, a blanket, and a strap are a valuable bonus, both for our sessions and your future practice. If you’re not sure what or where to buy, let me know on the call and I’ll make some recommendations. You’ll also need to wear comfortable clothing suitable for movement - nothing fancy required!


I’m afraid not. I work with clients who are interested in working with a private yoga instructor on a weekly, ongoing basis. I don’t offer single sessions at this time.

Where do classes take place?

We can either arrange classes in my private practice space or I can come to your home or workplace depending on the setup. I travel around South London for my clients as part of the cost of private tuition and cover the following areas: Brixton, Herne Hill, Dulwich, Peckham, Camberwell, Clapham, Stockwell & Oval.


Yes! I love working with beginners.

Payment terms

  • Payments can be made through PayPal or online banking and must be paid in full before starting the course. If money is an obstacle, feel free to get in touch and enquire about spacing payments :)

  • Refunds will not be issued for unused sessions in a package.

  • 48 hrs notice is required when cancelling an appointment. Given proper notice, you are free to reschedule with no charge. Appointments cancelled with less than 48 hrs notice are charged at the full non-refundable price.