I decided to book private yoga classes on the back of a busy London work schedule. I’ve since seen a huge improvement in my stress management and general wellbeing. Ellie has been super cool.
— Ant, Finance Consultant
I loved working with Ellie. She helped me deal with my anxiety in a way I wasn’t able to on my own. She also taught me the basics of yoga and how to love every bit of it we did together. She is very knowledgeable and has a passion for what she does. Her patience gave me the feeling that I was able to control my anxiety better. I would 100% recommend working with Ellie if you want to learn to control your anxiety using a variety of breathing exercises and meditation, or if you simply love yoga.
— Kristie, Construction Law
I felt very calm and centred after a private yoga class with Ellie. I’m normally so stressed and anxious that it was actually a little disconcerting! That memory of deep relaxation has however left a trace in my body that I continue to find helpful and important. Ellie is a warm and generous teacher, who is also able to talk intelligently about what she does: helping me for example to understand my psychological resistance to a newfound state of body/mind. Thanks Ellie.
— Tom, Trainee Psychotherapist
Ellie Grace has been helping me over 3 weeks at home post surgery, firstly through meditation to enhance recovery and rest and secondly has focused on healing using restorative, yin and hatha yoga to enable movement in a mindful way. Ellie was able to help me relax through discomfort and then introduced gentle movements, which speeded up the healing process. She is empathetic, patient, knowledgable and has the most calming manner. After my surgery she was able to deliver meditation and movement to compliment post surgical care and recovery. Not only did it help with the physical aspect of my recovery, but also aided my mental well-being by increasing my confidence in understanding my body and the healing process.
— Julie, Head of IT Sales
I first approached Ellie to see if she could help me through a particularly difficult time due to bereavement and recovering from breast cancer. Initially I booked 10 private sessions which I found so helpful I immediately booked a further 10. I have found Ellie’s approach and varied knowledge of restorative, meditative yoga really helpful in learning to relax, rest and sleep. Ellie’s nurturing and encouragement has given me the confidence in flow yoga which has improved my strength, balance and focus.
I have recommended Ellie to so many of my clients.
— Sally, Physiotherapist
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