This Yogi Life Podcast

This Yogi Life is a podcast discussion on yoga and contemporary life broadcast by 2 women in a tent.

It started life as after-class conversations between friends and classmates Ellie & Gabriela during the first semester of their Yoga Studies MA. Car rides home to the Westside of LA became the impromptu scene for discussions that hadn't found completion in class: anything from issues of cultural appropriation and women in yoga to thoughts on spirituality, psychology and ecology.

We set up TYL as light relief from the heft of required philosophical readings and we want to thank the many teachers and professors who've contributed to the subject in a more profound way than our current ramblings do. Join us as from our broadcasting tent in LA in a light and humorous conversation on all things yoga.

The Vitarka Mudra symbolises the teachings and discussions transmitted by the Buddha.

* We have 12 juicy episodes to share with you, which is taking some time to format and add here. Please check back soon for updates!


© Gabriela Ayala Canizares

© Gabriela Ayala Canizares