What is grief? 

Grief is a natural response to the loss of something through which we have come to identify ourselves - whether that's a love, a dream, a job or a belonging. Though we all experience grief in a way that is unique to our individual lives, those who have experienced it can likely recognise the rupture it brings to the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. 

The beautiful thing is that the experience of grief can open us to profound meaning, the possibility of deep restructuring, transformation and reorientation.

Kimberley C. Patton writes, 'Looking deep into the religious traditions of the world, one learns that we need not fear these initiations, these times of breaking apart. The soul cannot grow or change without them. What the human ego or the human body experiences as traumas, the soul instantly recognises as opportunities to shed what is no longer needed. When the heart is broken, the soul is released from its prior constellations. It begins the ancient process of dissolution, dismemberment, and new life. The soul rushes toward rebirth. This is not a comfortable process. But it is a normal one.'

I've studied grief and trauma for several years and am passionate about bringing yoga and meditation tools to those experiencing grief of any kind. If you're looking to work with your own mind and body as you undergo life transition, feel free to contact me using the icons below. 


© Emma Myrtle

© Emma Myrtle