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Yin & Restorative Yoga Weekend, Elmley Nature Reserve, Kent

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Join me for a deeply peaceful yin and restorative-only weekend in the stunning Elmley Nature Reserve this October.

Surrounded by 3200 acres of wild grasslands, this family farm and reserve is home to a vast array of wildlife including barn owls, wild fowl, waders and migrant birds en route to Africa.

Our home will be the beautifully refurbished Scandi-style cottage, replete with luxury bedding, a wood fire and 360° views across the landscape. A haven of absolute quiet, I for one am looking forward to cosying up on the sofas and watching the weather roll in!

As we prepare to move toward winter, we’ll be taking inspiration from the natural world by turning inward and shedding unwanted energies, holding patterns and blockages in the body. We'll be working into yin and restorative sequences designed to slough away dull and sluggish energy so we can step into the season with fresh eyes, clear digestion and bright minds. For those who want to sink into the quiet, fresh air and healing beauty of nature, this weekend will be the perfect way to get out of London, nourish the body ahead of the run-up to Christmas and press pause as the winds of change come blowing through the season.

Body-work sessions with the resident holistic therapist and Reiki master, Roz, will be available to compliment your practice. Not to be missed - this woman is so good she doesn’t even have a website and is reputed to have hands of magic!

What is yin yoga?

Yin yoga is a meditative, contemplative practice where we move mindfully into floor-based stretches, or up against what we call our ‘edge’, and hold for 2-4 minutes at a time. As we hold, we explore how our experience shifts: first observing the mind, then releasing physical tension deep in the body’s tissues until both mind and body become still. A beautiful and often profound practice for developing greater self awareness, trust, release and exquisite peace.

What is restorative yoga?

Restorative is even more passive, more luxuriously restful and even slower than yin. We work predominantly with the support of bolsters, blankets and bricks to support the body in long-held, floor-based poses for up to 15 minutes and in doing so, engage the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for rest and digest function) so as to bring mind and body into very deep rest. The brain waves slow right down to theta resonance, meaning we enter a meditative state somewhere between wakefulness and the unconscious. This is where we resolve issues, experience dream-like states and emerge feeling a little dopey, very well-rested and very gentle and peaceful. Plus the whole body receives the benefit of healing in this state. Pure bliss!

Details: Teatime, Friday 18th October - Teatime, Sunday 20th October 2019
The vibe: Super-chilled. Like waaaaaay gentle
Suitable for: All abilities
Price: From £378 for a triple, with double or single occupancy available for an additional cost while stocks last (first come, first served). See below for options.
Includes: 2 nights accommodation, all meals lovingly prepared with local produce by Elmley's in-house chef & all yin/restorative practice: A long, welcoming Friday evening practice, 1.5hr Saturday morning and evening sessions and a deep dive 3hr Sunday afternoon workshop before departure.
Optional Extras: 1hr body-work sessions with the magical Roz

Our schedule:


3.00pm Arrival in time for tea, settling in and having a wander

4.30-6pm: Evening restorative practice

7pm: Autumnal supper and an early night with the evening stars


From 7.30am: Help yourself breakfast

8.30-10am: morning yin practice

10.30am: Brunch

Free time to read, nap, walk, hang out or have a massage

3.30pm Tea and cake

4.30-6pm: Evening restorative practice

7pm: Autumnal supper and time to rest as you like


From 8am: Help yourself breakfast

9-10am: Morning yin/meditation/silent walking

11.00am: Hearty brunch

Free time to read, nap, walk, hang out or have a massage

1.30-4.00pm: Yin & restorative deep dive workshop. Settling into the poses for up to 15 minutes at a time, we have a chance to go deeper into the subconscious: generally meaning that imagery, solutions to problems or releases from everyday level of thought come up to relieve themselves. We’ll emerge feeling both truly grounded and very light emotionally, ready to return home.

5pm Departure

*Please note the schedule is suggested and may vary slightly

Sleeping Arrangements and Costs:

1 Triple share with en suite £378pp

2 Twin shares: £418pp

2 Double beds, single occupancy: £518pp (please enquire about double occupancy)

Getting there: I encourage you to travel eco, taking a regular Train from London Victoria to Swale via Sittingbourne, from where you can share a 10-minute taxi onward to the retreat. If you plan on driving, please let me know if you’d be happy to offer a seat to others.

Payment: Online bank transfer or via Paypal. Make it easy and pay the full rate upfront, or feel free to pay half now and half 6 weeks before the retreat. Please note that once initial payment is taken, your spot is confirmed and all payments are non-refundable.

Booking: Only 8 places are available on this intimate weekend so if this feels like you, get in touch below and I’ll send you payment details to confirm your place.

My body is breathing like a beast in a field warming the winter. My body breathes for me, steady like a moving mountain, strong like a river. I rest on the rhythm riding the rising and falling like a bird. My emptiness draws fullness in and fullness falls again into nothing, in the stillnesses between, between life and death, hope and despair I am free as urges stir within me and I breathe life in and out into the world. Through snake and ant and elephant lungs, through beast and bird we meet all living things in the air we share. Air is made by breathing this thin blanket of breath over all breathing things which trees repair. PETER ADAMS

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