Life has a funny way of working things out.

I was 27 when yoga found me, and had just opened the doors of my first restaurant in south London. I’d been hustling for a few years on a big adventure with food: writing a food blog that later lead to the publication of a cook book; travelling the country with a street food stall and now designing and fitting out a 20-seater kitchen-restaurant in Brixton.

But two months before the restaurant opened, my dad died, and a handful of months after that, I lost my longterm partner.

Struggling to come to terms with my losses while building a business in a notoriously stressful industry, I sought relief from the staggering pain I was in and found it - to my surprise - through meditation.

I don’t remember rolling out my first yoga mat but I do remember the call to return to the feeling of deep-seated peace and tranquility it brought me. And as I got deeper into my practice, I came to see that my body and my breath were the key not just to healing my broken heart, but of relieving the anxieties and panic attacks that had cornered me in my younger life. By sinking me into the body through mindful awareness and breath control, yoga offered profound healing tools for the challenges of life. In many ways, it brought me home.

Fascinated by the transformative effects of the practice, I followed my heart to California where I married my love of big landscapes, beautiful food and a daily practice with an MA in Yoga Studies. I got to go deep with yoga history, philosophy and Sanskrit while studying my favourite topics: East-West perspectives on the body; yoga as a tool for social change; psychology, ecology, mysticism and neuroscience. For my thesis, I explored the effect of grief on the heart and brain and the methods by which writing, yoga and meditation can not only restore us back to wholeness, but also become the catalyst for phenomenal positive growth. The intersection of yoga with identity, creativity and emotional healing are of endless fascination to me.

While I was in California, I trained and practiced with some of the world’s leading teachers in somatic studies and got to intellectualise the process of healing from the inside out so I could share it with students back home. I even had the honour of working with US war veterans suffering PTSD as part of a prestigious program in therapeutic trauma treatment at UCLA.

And while my personal practice continues to evolve in alignment with the flow of life, I love to teach what I think are the essential life skills of Hatha, yin and restorative, with an emphasis on trauma-sensitive practice.

For me, yoga is both a mirror to life, and life itself. It’s about how we relate to ourselves and others; how we learn to hold on and let go; how to move with grace amid the rough patches and how, ultimately, to refine the art of living.


Graduate student of Yoga Studies, LMU CA.

200hr AYT-certified Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training, Bahamas. 

100hr Yoga, Mindfulness & Social Change certificate, LMU CA. 

50hr Ayurveda Course: Food as Medicine, Sivananda, Grass Valley CA.

50hr 11th Step Yoga for Trauma and Recovery Program, LMU CA.

14hr Prison Yoga Project certification with James Fox, San Diego CA.

14hr Mindful Resilience Training with Veterans Yoga Project & Dr. Dan Libby, Venice CA.

14hr The Power of Breath in Clinical Practice & Mass Disaster Conference, Semel Institute, UCLA. 

12hr Teen Yoga Instil Conference: Yoga, Education & Wellbeing, London. 

12hr Confer conference: Yoga: A Key to Mental Health?, London. 

30hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Norman Blair, Yoga Campus, London. 

studio classes

As well as bringing private yoga to clients around south London, I also teach at Battersea Yoga, The Shala and Yogarise. Feel free check their schedules for class info :)