Writing has been a constant in my life.

Well before I understood it as a practice, I used diary-writing in my teenage years as a form of confession and have continued since then to hone my voice in nonfiction personal essay format.

Writing has threaded its way from my English Literature degree through my work as a writer/editor in the London art world, to my adventures with my food business and cook book and most recently, to my graduate studies in yoga, the research for which synthesized multidisciplinary perspectives on trauma; death and grief; the body's intelligence and mental health; neuroscience and spiritual growth, and which covered the personal, the scientific and the historical.

My Master's thesis, entitled 'Embodying Grief: Hearts and Brains in the Healing Path of Yoga' explored the embodied experience of grief, the disruption it brings to the heart-brain relationship, and the methods by which yoga and writing act as healing practices in bringing mind, body and soul back into wholeness. When used together, we're able to free the spirit, energise the nervous system and improve immune function. 

I now host yoga and writing workshops as a way of inviting others to enjoy the relief that identifying and moving stories from deep beneath the skin can bring in living more freely. 

 © Alejandro Gonzalez

© Alejandro Gonzalez

public speaking

I'm passionate about sharing the empowering and transformative effects of a regular yoga practice for the body in trauma. As well as teaching asana as part of the tradition of 8-limbed yoga philosophy, I'm an educator on grief and the body. 

I use evidence-based practices that combine traditional postures aimed at relieving the body of emotional pain, and compassion and gratitude exercises that open the heart. I work with individuals, groups, therapists and yoga teachers-in-training to educate them about the potential for yoga to alleviate the physical, emotional and spiritual burden of grief. 

I'm also available to speak and present workshops for women's groups, school programs and personal development events. 

 © JP Faraj

© JP Faraj

copyediting services

My background in arts publishing, food writing and academic research has given me 10+ years experience editing manuscripts. 

I'm available for copyediting services and writing advice for those looking to revise and polish work ahead of publication. 


Kitchen & Co.
Colourful Home Cooking Through the Seasons

Kyle Books, 2012

Following our award for 'Best Food Blog' from Observer Food Monthly, Kitchen & Co. was published in 2012 and celebrates colourful home cooking through the seasons.

The Times named it as one of their top 40 cook books of 2012 while The Sunday Telegraph highlighted it as 'Book of the Week'. 

Here's what other reviewers said: 
Kitchen & Co. is full of brilliantly simple, compelling dishes you’ll want to make every day.’ Grazia

‘French & Grace’s new cookbook is one of the prettiest to come out this year. Living up to its subtitle, “colourful home cooking through the seasons”, it’s chock-full of arresting photographs of the pair’s folksy, easy-to-make dishes.’ The Independent

You can buy it here